Sara Jerome

First Grade Teacher

How do you incorporate the SCS mission statement into your teaching?

I try to make Christ the center of each subject that I teach when it is possible and my viewpoints come strictly from statements of my faith in Christianity.

Why did you become a teacher? Why do you teach at Siouxland Christian?

Teaching runs in my family! My great uncles are teachers, my uncle is a teacher, my mom is a teacher, my older brother and brother-in-law are both teachers. I guess you could say it was just in my blood. I want to teach at Siouxland Christian because number one I had graduated from the school and knew a lot about it but secondly because it is a Christian school and I knew I could share my faith every day openly with staff and students Is freeing and you can’t put a price on that.

What is your favorite lesson to teach in your class?

My favorite thing to do in my classroom is any time that I have centers which happens at math and as well as reading time. I get the chance to meet in smaller groups each day and get to know the kids a lot better in that setting and can create more personal relationships that way and can focus more on what they truly need to work on academically.

What inspires you?

Other staff members around me where I see their ideas come to light that are awesome and people that encourage me and support me and what I’m doing.